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A Passion for Authentic Moroccan Berber Rug

The Authentic Moroccan Berber carpets are not just an object of decoration, but magical pieces with both  strong cultural identity and  design that suits all styles. Native to the mountainous regions of the Moroccan Atlas, the authentic Moroccan Berber carpet is not a descendant of the oriental carpet. It dates from the Paleolithic era.

Traditionally handmade, the Moroccan carpet conveys the story of the Berber women’s know-how for several generations. The history of the authentic Berber carpets dates back to the dawn of time. You  only have  to observe the motifs and symbols used to find the resemblance to those used in the primitive art of the first men in the Neolithic. This tradition has survived the centuries to come to invite us in our interiors in the form of beautiful pieces of art design and timeless.

Decoration trend

Berber rugs have become unavoidable deco accessories. At the crossroads of ethnic and contemporary, authentic Moroccan Berber carpets have their own place in all styles of interior decoration. These are artistic pieces with unique designs and shapes. The Berber carpets always bring a touch of exoticism, adventure and sun. These beautiful objects of artisanal art are far from being a trend effect or deco trend, the authentic Moroccan Berber carpets are timeless.

Berber carpets always bring a touch of exoticism, adventure and sun. These beautiful objects of artisanal art are far from being a trend effect or deco trend, authentic Moroccan Berber carpets are timeless.

Berber carpet Azilal

From the Azilal region of Morocco’s High Atlas region, come the authentic Berber colorful Azilal rug with geometric shapes in two colors (black and white or brown and white). They are also in colored version. With their rhombuses or their stripes, their sobriety makes them suitable for any decor by bringing a chic and authentic touch, at the same time.

Berber carpet Bni Warayine

You want a trendy and ethnic piece that will highlight your decor, opt for this Moroccan Berber carpet. Always two-tone with authentic shapes, it is an authentic Moroccan Berberr rug that respects different styles: contemporary, ethnic, minimalist. This famous rug from the tribes of Atlas Bni Warayine, is woven with high quality soft wool. Its simplicity and soft texture add a bohemian chic vibe to your home.

Weaving, Symbols and Rituals

The authentic Moroccan Berber rugs are filled with motifs and symbols. Rhombusescrosses, chevrons, checkers, stars, are full of symbols that hide lot of significations. An important part of these symbols are feminine with a symbolism around sexuality. So the themes are about the woman, the man, the meeting, the pregnancy and the birth. The cross or chevron symbol can represent the body of the woman ready to conceive. The rhombus can be a symbol of the uterus, or the belly of the mother, but it can also be interpreted by the eye that protects against bad spells. Among the symbols is the rhombus that can signify birth. Among the common signs in Moroccan Berber carpets, we find the snake which is a phallic and fertility symbol even in other cultures. There is also the sign of triangles that form butterflies or stars, symbolizing the beauty of the woman. Indeed, the women, who are behind these creations, make authentic Berber rugs their support to convey messages, to perpetuate traditions, and to trace their world and immortalize it.

Berber carpet Boucharwite

Do you want a colorful and sparkling Moroccan Berber rug? Opt for this Boucharwite carpet, this patchwork is a real artistic piece that will enhance your interior. Each carpet is unique, reflecting the creativity of the Berber women who wove it. His ethnic and vintage spirit allows you to introduce it into a living room for a pop’art stamp, or in a room or even a corridor, for a bohemian and ethnic decor.


Berber carpet Zayan and Bni Mguild

Native to the Middle Atlas of Morocco, it is among the oldest authentic Berber carpets. With its ethnic aspect, it can match all the universes: Scandinavian, bohemian, kinfolk, ethnic chic. Integrate your Zayan carpet and Bni Mguild in your interior and it will make you travel to the corners of Morocco with a warm Moroccan Riad.

Berber carpet Boujaad

Looking for a moment in an original and unique carpet, you can find your happiness in this collection of authentic Berber carpets Boujaad. Its patinated patterns and colors give it an old / modern look and make it more personal. Do not hesitate to mix it with a simple and modern decoration.

Hambel and Kilim carpets

Flat woven, this rug with warm colors is perfect for discreet interiors to enhance their tone. Red, orange, it marries basic color environments. Made without velvet, it is less thick than other types of Berber carpets, but highly resistant. Very practical, you can easily move or clean it. You can also superimpose it with other, more neutral carpets to provide usability or to delimit a corner of the living room or the dining room.

Blue Berber carpet

For a decoration between sky and sea, opt for a Moroccan blue Berber carpet. This carpet will combine well with your interior to bring harmony and peace. Simple or with red Berber motifs, this rug will have its touch of serene elegance but also of freshness. With its noble and soft material, relaxation will be at the rendezvous in your interior.

Berber red carpet

With this bold color, this Berber carpet will spice up your decor. It is perfect in a contemporary living room with sober colors, black, gray, white or beige. It energizes the decor of any room ranging from the modern dining room, the luxurious bedroom, for a touch of punch to the kids room, or for a VIP entry.


Berber carpet Taznakhte

Made in the true tradition of authentic Berber carpets, the Moroccan Berber carpets from the Taznakht region are real models of painted paintings. From bright colors and unique patterns and symbols, you can use these rugs for a vintage look in your Western decor. These carpets are very colorful, with a predominance of yellow and red, the colorings are originary from plants of the Ouarzazate region.

Tapis berbère Talsinte

Ces nobles tapis comportent des motifs surprenants symbolisant la vie des berbères vue par les femmes qui les tissent. De véritables créations authentiques que vous pouvez insérer dans votre décor pour une touche illuminante et dépaysante.

Berber carpet Akhnif

The creativity of the Berber women of the High Atlas Mountains is at its peak for these Berber carpets Akhnif. Rather artists than craft, weavers make unique pieces full of symbols. This magic accompanies these authentic Moroccan carpets to make your interior an unusual and charming place.

Berber cushion

To cultivate the Berber spirit at home, there is no better than these Berber cushions for a cozy and ethnic decoration. Different choices are possible depending on the style of decoration and matching carpets. With a predominance of red and Berber motifs, these Berber cushions will transform your interior with their remarkable Bohemian touch.

Berber cover

Invite your memories of Morocco to your home by adopting these Berber blankets. 100% handmade, these Berber blankets are part of deco trends to integrate absolutely to put style over your bed or throw sofa.

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